Rebecca Jaeger Has Lost Count Of The Number Of Times She Has Failed. Reflecting On The Moments Of Failure, She Now Smiles,

Because Her Interpretation Of 'Failure' Is Completely Different To What It Used To Be.


Today, she embraces 'every failed attempt' with her goals, because it has led her to where she is now and that is what she is grateful for. Her 'failures' became her compass and they shaped her emotionally, mentally and spiritually. She believes she would not be the person she is today without them. 


Rebecca grew up in Toongabbie, Parramatta, a satellite city in western Sydney Australia, and has only one thing on her mind - the constant suffering of Australians and the political ignorance surrounding it. Her daily concerns for the welfare of those in need and to instill a sense of security for them - has motivated her to create change in their world. 


Rebecca's fight for survival started in the late nineties - after making attempts on her own life. Crippled with lower back pain and unable to work, Rebecca's world crumbled when she was told by her Doctor that her world as she knew it - was now over. No more work, softball or dancing as she would only end up on the floor and in more pain. Rebecca lost her identity and was consumed with emotional, physical, financial and spiritual pain. She had to start over again and had no idea how. She was only twenty-eight years old. 

From 2001 Bec educated herself and now owns a Diploma and a Degree. This helped shape her ideas and beliefs on what should be and what should not when healing a broken human spirit. Rebecca believed that there was more to being labeled, medicated and boxed up! Bec believed the 'human spirit' was left out of the professional evaluation and so with her 'left of centre' thinking  - Bec created her own program, based on her self-efficacy - mental toughness, exercise, and good positive verbal persuasion. 

In 2014, Rebecca created The Phoenix Rising Foundation Ltd after a desperate mother called for help. Searching for a place for her son to go to - Bec was shocked that there was nothing and it was in this moment where Bec believed that she could build the unthinkable - a place for broken souls to heal.  Bec's idea - buying properties off struggling farmers to build the eco-retreats

around Australia for children and - homeless veterans. Her advantage - living on the land, and understanding exactly how this could play out. And so now - Bec had a plan which would guide broken souls to build a greater sense from therapy, mental toughness, exercise, eating well, play and education! Bec saw it as a win-win realistic goal! 


In 2017 Bec was on a health and wellness path whilst still building the foundation.  Walking 64 kilometers in February and up to 13 kilometers by the 12th March. It was important for the lower lumber as she now has nerve damage - right leg. On the 13th of March, Bec was woken up early with her spine on fire. Straight to the Doctors for heavier medication and advice to travel to Sydney and the Gold Coast for MRI's. The MRI showed severe damage to her neck which left Bec bedridden only to rest it after walking. However, from March 2019, the pain increased and only limited hours to work on the foundation and her Hay House Writers Workshop Course.

Rebecca was shattered. All her work was stalled and she felt trapped again. 

Currently - Bec is preparing to launch her '2BuckTuesday' National Campaign at the Bathurst 1000  in the Touring Car Masters.

Bec created TeamPhoenix811 to create awareness, chatter, and coin through car racing. A Torana A9X is being built by Gary O'Brien who built and - is currently running 2 times Bathurst1000 Winner, John Bowe. Gary O'Brien is a Director and Department Head of the mechanic & driving school for teens at every retreat. 

Bec knows the challenges and her team is qualified and ready to go. Bec has created all websites to be simple and easy to use and she was not comfortable wasting thousands of dollars for a website to please others.  This is the main website and 2BuckTuesday also has it's own due to the power of the campaign and making it worldwide. Events will start once the CoronaVirus has lifted and it is safe to come out and play! 


If you value our children and veterans who are lost, disconnected and needing care - create your pledging plan today and you will be creating history and be one of our PHOENIX CHANGE AGENTS! You will also be helping our struggling farmers!

Bec's life so far...


Softball Career

Two years Wentworthville RSL Softball Club

Five years Phoenix Softball Club (WRSL no longer wanted a girls softball team and her parents along with many others created Phoenix Softball Club from a portable library at her school - Toongabbie West Primary)

Two years Blacktown Workers Softball Club

One year Castle Hill Softball Club

One year Grantham Strikers Club

Five years Killara Softball Club


Seven years representing Cumberland Nepean Regional Softball Teams

Two years representing  North Shore District Softball

Four years State NSW Titles Softball Champion

Three years representing NSW State Softball Teams 

Three years Australian National Title Softball Champion



Five Years Representing The NRL

Three years - Parramatta Eels Cheerleader 

Two years - North Sydney Bears Cheerleader

Four years - NRL Grand Final Cheerleader



Three years retail with Sportsgirl - Manager from 19 years old with Cadetship completed

Sheraton Mirage, Port Douglas

Great Keppel Island Resort

Daydream Island Resort

Airlie Beach nightclubs

Fitness Leader - Tsu City - Nagoya-Japan

JaegerbombiNC Mental Toughness Coaching

ICMI Professional Speaker



Year 10 Certificate - Pendle Hill High School

Diploma - Life Coaching - Graduated 2006

BA Degree - Sports & Performance - Graduated 2011


Special Highlights

Winning three Australian National Softball Championship titles

Living on the Great Barrier Reef

Skydiving Tandem over Great Keppel Island twice and once over the Hume Hwy!

Surviving suicide and rising like the Phoenix

Sydney 2000 Olympic Torchbearer [route: Lake Cathie, NSW]

ICMI Professional Speaker

Creating The Phoenix Rising Foundation Ltd