About The Phoenix Rising Foundation


The Phoenix Rising Foundation Limited is established to be a charity whose purpose is to advance social or public welfare by establishing a residential facility, which may include, but is not limited to:

  1. providing accommodation for abused, neglected, suicidal and homeless children and youth with the vision of guiding them towards self-renewal through positive proactive human conditioning;

  2. incorporating Gestalt Therapy and Mental Toughness principles to stimulate growth and change with homeless veterans, returning servicemen and servicewomen;

  3. incorporating Gestalt Therapy and Mental Toughness principles to engage growth and change with children and youth;

  4. providing separate accommodation and facilities for veterans, which includes workshop rooms for the purpose of augmenting  the process of self-renewal and stimulating veterans’ emotional intelligence for veterans to work with post-traumatic stress situations and living with anxiety. Group activity and exercises with ongoing Gestalt Therapy will guide each individual to create a new approach to a positive proactive life with flexibility when entering society;

  5. incorporating a world class sporting complex for residents to enjoy the benefits of team sport, exercise and fitness;

  6. incorporating farm land for stock and crops with the vision to guide and educate residents about sustainable living and to provide self-sustaining nourishment for residents;

  7. incorporating a registered non-government school and curriculum for all resident children and youth and to deliver all educational classes throughout a child’s stay with the intention that all resident children complete their Higher School Certificate or other relevant secondary school qualification;

  8. providing a medical clinic to attend to all residents’ medical needs;

  9. developing interpersonal relationships outside the retreat by providing special excursions for resident children as part of their educational experiences – one day to one week excursions and holiday camps with the New South Wales and Queensland Sport and Recreation Camps;

  10. providing a fully sustainable eco retreat with zero emissions and

  11. aligning with GCC Foundation in Uganda and providing the full educational and cultural exchange experience.