Between 1997 and 1998 - Rebecca Jaeger did not want to live anymore. There was nothing left of her human spirit and she was just existing - with the constant thought of how to take her life without pain. Bec made two attempts - failing both times. Bec grew up playing softball - she was driven, she played for NSW and won three Australian National Championships. She had dreams - fulfilling them all including cheerleading for the Parramatta Eels for three seasons and backing up for the North Sydney Bears for two seasons. But those memories were not enough to hang on to - and by 1997 she felt her life was over when a bulging disc left her in unbearable pain and unable to play softball, dance or work. 

About The Phoenix Rising Foundation


The Phoenix Rising Foundation Limited is established to be a charity whose purpose is to advance social or public welfare by establishing a residential facility, which may include, but is not limited to:

  1. providing accommodation for abused, neglected, suicidal and homeless children and youth with the vision of guiding them towards self-renewal through positive proactive human conditioning;

  2. incorporating Gestalt Therapy and Mental Toughness principles to stimulate growth and change with homeless veterans, returning servicemen and servicewomen;

  3. incorporating Gestalt Therapy and Mental Toughness principles to engage growth and change with children and youth;

  4. providing separate accommodation and facilities for veterans, which includes workshop rooms for the purpose of augmenting  the process of self-renewal and stimulating veterans’ emotional intelligence for veterans to work with post-traumatic stress situations and living with anxiety. Group activity and exercises with ongoing Gestalt Therapy will guide each individual to create a new approach to a positive proactive life with flexibility when entering society;

  5. incorporating a world class sporting complex for residents to enjoy the benefits of team sport, exercise and fitness;

  6. incorporating farm land for stock and crops with the vision to guide and educate residents about sustainable living and to provide self-sustaining nourishment for residents;

  7. incorporating a registered non-government school and curriculum for all resident children and youth and to deliver all educational classes throughout a child’s stay with the intention that all resident children complete their Higher School Certificate or other relevant secondary school qualification;

  8. providing a medical clinic to attend to all residents’ medical needs;

  9. developing interpersonal relationships outside the retreat by providing special excursions for resident children as part of their educational experiences – one day to one week excursions and holiday camps with the New South Wales and Queensland Sport and Recreation Camps;

  10. providing a fully sustainable eco retreat with zero emissions and

  11. aligning with GCC Foundation in Uganda and providing the full educational and cultural exchange experience.